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Your network is only as reliable as its infrastructure.


Wired and Wireless Infrastructure

A well-engineered infrastructure is the key to the long-term dependability of your critical business systems and applications. Nexcom Networks will evaluate your business environment to provide clear, complete and competitive costs for your network infrastructure.


Whether it's structured cabling, fiber-optics, or point-to-point wireless for new construction, office remodels or moves, adds and changes to your current set-up, we can help.

Contact us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation on-site survey.

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Cable Testing & Certification

Network performance matters. That’s why Nexcom spares no expense in testing every copper and optical cable network we install.

Using the latest testing equipment, we verify, qualify and certify each cable link to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry standards and optimum performance levels.

If your data network is performing poorly and you’d like your cabling system evaluated, contact us today to schedule a site visit.

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Business Relocation

Nexcom Networks can help you begin your next chapter in your business career. Moving into a new office? Our team makes sure your move is as seamless as possible with our relocation services. We will make sure all of your equipment is back up and running fast.


Our relocation services include:

  • Computer hardware, infrastructure, and transport

  • Breakdown and setup of network infrastructure

  • Reconfiguration of networks

  • Migration of phone systems

  • Porting of local telecom lines

  • Installation and setup of broadband connectivity

  • Preparation of new facility

  • Leave the checklist to us

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