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Untangle your business phone issues.



Is your phone system or service provider no longer meeting your needs?

Are you tired of glitchy, outdated phones, subpar tech support, large equipment investments, and fees galore?

With so many options out there, shopping for new phones can be overwhelming. Traditional landline phones are being phased out and cloud-based phones (VoIP) are taking their place.


But with so many ways to get VoIP phones today, how do you decide what to buy, who to buy it from and how much you should expect to pay?

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If you're looking for:

  • A customizable, cost-effective phone solution

  • A single-source provider instead of bouncing between your phone vendor and service provider

  • Responsive support that doesn’t consume you with ridiculous fees

No matter the size of your business or budget, we may have the solution you need.

We have devoted the last ten years to developing and perfecting a business phone solution that brings you VoIP with value and versatility. We call it NEXUS, because it is central  to your business communications.

NEXUS is an all-inclusive, no-hassle VoIP service. It is VoIP simplified. All you need is a good internet connection.*


With NEXUS, you get to keep your phone number and ditch expensive rollover lines. Plus you'll get :

  • All the functionality you need

  • Powerful, feature-rich VoIP hosting

  • Crystal clear voice quality

  • Low per-phone pricing, with no upfront costs

  • High-quality, programmable color-display telephones

  • Five-star training and responsive support, INCLUDED

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Price Matters

With our NEXUS 60 plan, you’ll get our lowest available rates – guaranteed for five years. Plus, you’ll also get interactive voice response (IVR), unlimited roll-over lines and unlimited calling INCLUDED, at no extra cost. And you’ll get our equipment coverage guarantee should anything fail during the subscription period.**

If this sounds good, let's have a conversation about your business needs.

* Ask for details

**Some exclusions may apply

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